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Artist, Nicola Frimpong b. Epsom, also known as Freakpong, explores personal  intersections of disability, queerness, and desire. Using watercolour pen and digital media the artist tackles intimate themes of sex, gender race and violence.

Frimpong was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2012, and was included in Iniva's British 2014 survey African Diaspora Artist in the 21st Century, curated by writer and academic, Paul Goodwin. Her works have been acquired by notable collections including Henry Boxer and The Museum Of Everything.

"Frimpong's work portrays a close relationship between drawing and writing, and it follows that drawing on a small scale has echoes of the diary entry, something designed for an audience of one. There’s something of the diary about Nicola Frimpong’s work, not just in its frank exploration of the darker reaches of the human psyche, but in its combination of informality and intensity"

Writer, Ben Street, 2012